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Our Dogs

The parents of our puppies are intelligent, friendly and excellent with children. They have regular vet checkups and have up to date shots.

ROXY - Female

Roxy is a 75 pound Labrador with an American build. She has a darker colouring (fox red). She is a great watch-dog, loves swimming and is a great tracker.
Roxy's parents are CKC Registered.


AURORA - Female

Aurora is an 80 pound Labrador with an English build. She is light coloured (almost white). She absolutely loves human attention and is great with other dogs.
Aurora is CKC Registered.


RADAR - Male

Radar is a Labrador with an English build. He has an average weight and is very friendly. He loves water, kids and is a great watchdog.
Radar is CKC Registered.



Winston is a Labrador with an English build. He is a larger male with medium colouring. He is a friendly dog, loves interaction with people and is a good watchdog.
Winston's parents are CKC registered.