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Breed Characteristics

Labradors can be solid black, chocolate or yellow (ranging from a fox red to golden/creamy to silver/white) in colour. They may have a small white spot of their chest, but this characteristic is not common.

In general, males weigh 65 to 90 pounds, although larger males may reach over 100 pounds. On average, females weigh between 55 and 80 pounds.

Generally, Labs will be one of two physical builds. The “American” built Labs are taller, longer in the body, and lighter boned. The “English” built Labs are generally stockier, wider, and smaller.

A Labradors coat is generally short, straight, and very dense. Their outer coat will feel hard, but is water resistant. It may have a slight wave down the back. They also have a soft, downy, weather-resistant undercoat that provides further protection from water and cold.

Labs are considered an average shedder. Regular brushing will minimize shedding. When bathing, do not use harsh shampoos as these will remove the oils from their coat. Because they like water, most Labs enjoy baths.

Labs are known to be happy, friendly, adaptable, intelligent and optimistic dogs. They are excellent with children and other pets and are gentle with the elderly and disabled. They are people-oriented dogs, consequently they are not known to be an aggressive protector, but most will let you know, with a threatening bark, when there is an intruder. The Labrador is one of the main breeds used for guide and rescue. Many people agree that they are one of the most intelligent breeds.

Labs are known for being extremely easy to train. So if you are a first-time dog owner, a Labrador Retriever is the excellent choice! Three kinds of rewards that work well in training are: food, toys/play, and praise. Labs are eager-to-please dogs; all they need is careful, consistent training to be the dogs you want them to be.